About the Band

Brand NEw Karma is:

John Carpino

Bassist with  25+ years of experience in the studio as well as in live performances.  John's musical adventures include:

Altura: 1979 - 1981

Mischief: 1981-1982

SteamRoller: 1982 - 1985

The Gargoyles with Larry D: 1982 - 1985

Retrospect: 1986 - 1989

Vizion 1990 - 1994  (Original Music/Recording project with the gifted Musician/Composer/Producer Steve Sossin)

Hiatis: 1995 - 2000

Generations Recording Project with Dave Colburne and Steve Sossin: 2003 - 2007

Marshall Law: 2004-2005

LA Express:  2006-2007

With Brand New Karma since February  2008


Influences: Stanley Clarke, Chris Squire, Ralphe Armstrong, Geddy Lee, John Paul Jones, Tony Levin, Andy West

Favorite bands: Yes, Rush, Frank Zappa, Zeppelin, UK, RTF, Tower of Power, Grand Funk, Chicago (CTA that is), early Allman Brothers, Gentle Giant, Dixie Dregs

Performing Gear: Carvin,  Eden, Schroeder, Trace Elliot,  Zoom, , Ross

Joe Casioppo

Born in Windsor, raised in Newington and presently living in Collinsville,  Joe has been inspired to perform music ever since watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. Joe has been a member of many "ground breaking" bands such as  Aardvark, Spanky,  Cinema,   The Funk Assassins before joining up with Brand New Karma.

Favorite gear includes Hamer and Fender guitars,  Mesa Boogie amps and Apple computers

What's on his playlist?  Hmmm, ... Jonatha Brooke,  Pat Metheny,  Herbie Hancock,  The Weepies,  Marc Cohn, Stevie Wonder, The Shins,  The Brand New Heavies,  John Scofield,  and on and on......

Greg Aiello


Mark Casioppo

Keyboardist with 25+ years of experience

Mark has participated in both traditional and avant-garde projects over the last 25+ years including: Cinema,Thin Ice, Stiff Little Fish, The Zoo, Napolean Blownapart, Funk Assassins, and others.

Musical influences include: Rick Wakeman, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Keith Emerson, Jamiroquai, Herbie Hancock, Tower of Power, and many many more.

Gear: Korg N5, Alesis QS7.1, and Hammond organ

Al Raymond

Acoustic guitarist since 1987, Al has played solo, in duos and trios at many local coffee houses and fine drinking establishments. Performed with The Remnants of Oz, Bear Feet, Granola Junkies, and Right as Rain.

Gear:  Yairi WY1(koa) 6 string; Ibanez AEL 50 6 string; Ovation Elite 12 string;
           Fender Acoustisonic Junior; Crate Acoustic 125D.

Influences:  Grateful Dead, Gentle Giant, Genesis (the old stuff,) Styx, Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Heart, Yes, Eddie From Ohio, Indigo Girls, David Gray, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, Phish, Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull...